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Summer is coming to an end. The benefits of our swim lessons is that they are not just a summer activity. Our seasonal tent transforms throughout the year and our warm water is always at a perfect teaching temperature, making swimming lessons year round a fun activity!

Help your child maintain the skills they learned this summer by keeping them in our perpetual swimming lessons year round. The benefits include more than just learning how to swim!

Retain skills learned

Just like playing an instrument, swimming is a learned skill that takes practice. When you take a break, skills can be forgotten. The longer the break, the longer it takes a swimmer to pick up the skills again. Some kids can pick up right where they left off, but for others, they will have to re-learn them completely.

Keeps them healthy

Getting regular physical activity helps support a healthy immune system and can aid toward preventing illness during the Winter months when germs are at their peak. It can be a challenge to exercise in cold and wet weather though. Our warm pool water is the perfect solution. 

Academic Performance

Did you know swim lessons can make your child smarter and help them do better in school? That’s right! A number of studies have shown that children who consistently participate in swim lessons have more advanced cognitive abilities when compared to non-swimmers. It’s an investment in their future self, physically and academically!

Drowning Prevention

This one is so important. Whether your kids are little or big, swim lessons can help reduce the risk of drowning. With littles, we focus on safety skills like water entries and back floats. For bigger kids, improving endurance and building on those skills will help them when they are at a lake or boating with friends.